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The OSLIFE (Oversea Students Life) website was established in November 2019. It is an online supermarket founded by 4 students from Liverpool, UK, and is operated by Primo Excel Precision Ltd. Committed to serving local international students, providing comprehensive, fresh, fast, safe and thoughtful services.

Why choose us
OSLIFE.CO.UK has 2000+ products, covering 10 categories such as snacks, beverages, instant fast food, kitchen seasonings, north and south dry goods, noodles, cereals and oils, brewed health care, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food, and daily necessities. Allow users to shop conveniently without leaving home.
OSLIFE strictly controls food safety, and through in-depth cooperation with more than 30 formal and large importers across the UK, it ensures that every product meets British food safety standards.
In order to seek high-quality fruits and vegetables, the OSLIFE buyer team directly cooperates with fruit and vegetable exporters in China, the United States, Chile, South Africa, Peru, Australia, Spain and other countries. Based on the principle of High-quality ingredients under climatic conditions and geographical environment are delivered to your table.
In line with the vision that every international student can enjoy a variety of cuisines even if they live overseas, we carefully select and upgrade the quality of vegetables, fruits, fresh food, grain and oil and other ingredients, optimize and expand the categories, and strive to become a safe food market for every student. .
In the future, OS Life will cooperate with more outstanding local companies in Liverpool, launching dessert series, parcel delivery, legal consultation, study abroad agency, online doctor and other sectors to provide a full range of services to international students.
Why choose us
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